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Institutional Information Processing System Users Group


Award Criteria

The award is given on an annual basis to a person who has provided outstanding achievement in service to the IIPS organization or outstanding achievement by an IIPS member in some other area of their life. The person does not have to be a System Administrator in order to qualify for the award. Anyone who has provided outstanding service to IIPS or any IIPS member who has outstanding achievement in some facet of their life is eligible.

2023 Award Recipient - Brandon Bunch

Brandon Bunch is the proud recipient of the 2023 Outstanding Achievement Award from IIPS, recognizing his exceptional contributions to the organization. While not limited to System Administrators, Brandon's outstanding service to IIPS and his remarkable achievements in various aspects of life make him truly deserving of this honor.

A unique individual, Brandon consistently goes above and beyond, maintaining a positive and upbeat demeanor. His recent pivotal role in troubleshooting a challenging issue for one of our schools, a task others couldn't resolve, showcases his dedication and persistence in problem-solving.

Brandon's wealth of knowledge is freely shared, benefiting not only the 58-community college but the System Office as wel. He acts as a dedicated cheerleader for the colleges, demonstrating his unwavering support and appreciation for the community.

Always available to answer questions and provide education, Brandon accommodates diverse schedules, offering assistance early in the morning or late in the evening. His astute attention to detail and willingness to help underscore the qualities that make him an exceptional recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Award Winners

  • 2023 Brandon Bunch
  • 2022 Wayne Madry
  • 2021 Marcus Howard
  • 2020 Agnetta Kamugisha
  • 2019 Beth Pulliam
  • 2018 Kathy Gragg (posthumously)
  • 2017 Debbie Burton
  • 2016 Laura Temples
  • 2015 Nancy Norris
  • 2014 Linda McDaniel
  • 2013 Roderick Brower
  • 2012 Cindy Sanford & Tara Williams
  • 2011 Suzanne Baker
  • 2010 Lee Montrose
  • 2009 Joel Brubaker
  • 2008 Dawn Rountree
  • 2007 Chuck Hauser
  • 2006 Cinda Goff
  • 2005 Anna Baucom
  • 2004 Terry Plummer
  • 2003 Beverly McComb
  • 2002 Rick Bundy
  • 2001 Joe Barefoot
  • 2000 Chuck Strickland
  • 1999 Ken Whichard
  • 1998 Linda Faircloth
  • 1997 Arthur Hohnsbehn
  • 1996 Susan Everett
  • 1995 Terry Harrington
  • 1994 Dale O’Bryant
  • 1993 Phil Shepard
  • 1992 Linwood Anderson

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